Fun Circle Time Activities!

Centipede Line-up!

Creating pictures helps children do the most mundane chores in a fun, very willing and obedient way. Here is an example:

When wanting the children to line up before entering the classroom, you can paint a picture like this:
Who wants to be a centipede?! (all will happily exclaim, “I do! I do!”)
Who wants to be the head?! (a few will volunteer happily!)
Who wants to be the thorax? (a few more will want to certainly!)
Who wants to be the abdomen? (all will have volunteered by now!!)

Ok Centipede, stick out your arms! Wiggle your arms! Wow!! This is the biggest centipede I have ever seen!! Yea!!!

Now in a whisper, “Are we ready? to go so quietly inside?!”

And happily the little guys do follow!

And, the children have just reviewed the parts of an insect! How fun!

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