About Me

Dear Friend,

I am so happy to share with you my passion. I began my teaching career as a Junior High Language Arts teacher. I discovered there were a large percentage of my students who did not comprehend what we were reading. This began my quest. How could 50% of my students not understand what they were reading when they were “perfect” oral readers? They read the words on the page flawlessly but could not visualize what they were reading. I needed to answer this question.  I began the search for what my students were missing in early childhood education. I became a Waldorf preschool teacher after certification and a Montessori Preschool teacher after certification. Even after 7 years of teaching preschool in two wonderful systems, my search was not over. I decided to go to graduate school and get a Masters in Early Childhood Education whose focus was on Reggio Emilia and NAEYC Best Practices. During this time I transitioned to even smaller children, 6 month old children to 2 year olds in a Mommy and Me Program which I lead while being the Curriculum Director of a preschool. When I had my own baby, I decided to stay home for a few years and nurture my child. What I discovered after all these years of teaching early childhood is that each school system develops a critical facet of the child. Each were extremely important and complemented the others. By integrating all of the different philosophies, you can truly have a balanced child who is able to imagine while having her feet firmly grounded. A child can feel confident in pursuing her ideas and exploring the world around her with her friends by her side.

All of these experiences bring me to where I am today, offering a Toddler/ Preschool/ T/K Program. I decided to open Little Acorn Nursery School out of my home in San Diego after 17 years of teaching because I have a daughter and knew there wasn’t another program out there using the valuable tools offered in each system. I wanted to share with my daughter my passion, educating little children for a brighter tomorrow.


Ms. Marzia