About Me



Dear Friend,

Being a mommy of an amazing 2 year old is such a gift, and my joy in life is to connect with her by respecting her and supporting her needs. A huge part of that is taking care of myself! I meditate daily so that I can feel the love and joy that permeates life. It gives me the patience I need through potty training, and the joy I feel when my daughter is making a big mess. Connecting helps me see that all these moments are transitory – it inspires me to drink them in and enjoy them to the fullest.

Connecting to my child is a great source of love. By being present and listening to her, a most beautiful world opens up. This is what I want to share with you. It is a special gift we can all experience if we are willing to let go of everything, and just be.

Meditating is a great way to help us do just that, practice letting go. It allows us to maintain our balance in life which is designed to be full of challenges, from financial strains to marital stress, without a meditation we can easily start making mistakes! Contact me to receive a weekly meditation you can follow! I am also offering guided meditations for those who want to feel the inspiration and the peace but have a hard time sitting for a meditation.

I love children! I have a Masters in Early Childhood Education and it’s focus was on Reggio Emilia and I am Waldorf and Montessori Certified.  I taught junior high for 8 years, and preschool for 7 years. I also lead a Mommy and Me for 2 years. All of these experiences bring me to where I am today, offering ways for you to connect with your child, and strengthen that precious bond of love with respect.


Ms. Marzia