About Me



Dear Friend,

I love children! I have a Masters in Early Childhood Education and it’s focus was on Reggio Emilia and I am Waldorf and Montessori Certified.  I taught junior high for 8 years, and preschool for 7 years. I also lead a Mommy and Me for 2 years. All of these experiences bring me to where I am today, offering ways for you to connect with your child, and strengthen that precious bond of love with respect. I am starting an At Home Daycare Co-op! Join me in teaching and having fun!

Being a mommy of an amazing 2 year old is such a gift, and my joy in life is to connect with her by respecting her and supporting her needs. A huge part of that is taking care of myself! I meditate daily so that I can feel the love and joy that permeates life. It gives me the patience I need through potty training, and the joy I feel when my daughter is making a big mess. Connecting helps me see that all these moments are transitory – it inspires me to drink them in and enjoy them to the fullest.

Connecting to my child is a great source of love. By being present and listening to her, a most beautiful world opens up. This is what I want to share with you. It is a special gift we can all experience if we are willing to let go of everything, and just be.


Ms. Marzia