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What Were Jack and Jill Really Up To?

A little child who ventures out of mommy's arms often gets hurt! From crawling to the beginnings of standing and walking, falling goes hand in hand with exploring. That is why I love this nursery rhyme!  It tells our little child that you can get hurt while trying to master a new skill and that… Continue reading What Were Jack and Jill Really Up To?

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Nursery Rhymes

I adore nursery rhymes! They are nuggets of pure literary genius. They are perfect for the littlest of listeners, and they offer such richness of sound. The imagery is varied and fun and the tempo is quick!  I love to couple them with body movement offering playful opportunities to connect with my baby. Children learn… Continue reading Nursery Rhymes

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The Hidden Treasure within a Fairy Tale

Fairy tales offer children snap shots of life. Each character plays an important role. Within us we can find each character of a fairy tale. Upon reflection we can think of times in our life when we played the wicked witch, the nurturing mother, the firm father figure. The child too has a choice of… Continue reading The Hidden Treasure within a Fairy Tale