Peel, Cook, Bake, Blend!

Apple sauce, french fries, baked asparagus, pasta, tomato sauce, oh and don’t forget the oatmeal and maple syrup! We seem to be spending our time either inside cooking or outside digging and looking for worms for Tikka! Our lives are revolving around the simple wholesome task of feeding ourselves and our little pet chicken. Christina is getting very good with the peeler… she peeled three apples and half of a large potato and she hasn’t nicked a finger! Thank goodness! Don’t take it for granted that your child knows how to use a kitchen tool! After using the peeler for at least 6 months, a few days ago she nicked herself… when observing her technique, she was drawing the peeler towards herself instead of away… so always keep an eye on your little one! Don’t make my mistake! But back to the positive, I do love seeing how focused and concentrated she is on peeling. Nothing can distract her and this is so good for her! Any time you see your child engaged in an activity, try your best not to interrupt this focus, this builds her mind’s ability to concentrate!

Has anyone else gained their Covid 19?!

Much Love,


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