Fun in the Mud

earthworms on a persons hand
Photo by Sippakorn Yamkasikorn on Pexels.com

Dear Friends,

During these days of the Corona Virus Pandemic, I am offering to you circle times, activities, backyard adventures to hopefully inspire your day with your little one.

Today we had a lot of fun with worms! Christina found two worms as I was planting succulents and she had them in her hand all morning long. When we went inside to cook up lunch, she put her worms on the counter, and was about to start peeling potatoes with the most wonderfully dirty hands! “I hope I can remember this moment forever,” I heard myself say as I experienced the best kid moment ever! It didn’t take much to convince her to find a happy home for the worms. Heaven knows they could use a respite from her affections! They had hardly a wiggle left in them! Soon we were scrubbing her hands and then she sat on the ground and happily started to peel her potato at her makeshift desk (a cutting board placed on a stepping stool). She was happily engaged peeling that potato while I whipped up a quick lunch of steamed asparagus, mashed potatoes, and spinach salad with radishes. That was our morning!

I have been gardening a lot these past few days because it seems like the most healing and perfect thing to do during these times where everyone in the world is worried or scared. I am choosing to keep my mind on activities that are fun, relaxing, and keep me connected to those oh so good feelings of joy and happiness.

Love you lots!


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