What to have in your child’s environment and why!

Video #1: The Montessori Rug. A little rug is great at bringing order. When we place objects on a rug they become more visible, saving us all from the painful mishap of accidentally stepping on a wooden toy! Small pieces are less likely to get lost too.

Video #2: Wooden Play figures. These wooden figurines are invaluable! I love telling stories that are pertinent to the social dynamic of the group of children I am teaching. Socializing is difficult and preschool is the perfect time to help create our social graces. These figurines are wonderful in teaching just that. Simply observe your child. Where is he struggling? Once you can see the problem, it is easy to address it. Create a story where there is a character who is having the same difficulty. In the story you tell, you teach your child the lesson he is needing to learn through the different characters. This is truly one of my most valuable tools in helping children include others, stop biting, play gently. The list can go on and on. I encourage you to try it!

Video #3 Knobbed Cylinders. Not only are these knobbed cylinders great as a puzzle, but they are perfect for puppets too. I love how simply they are made. The simplicity encourages the children to fill in the blanks with their imagination. This ability to imagine is invaluable! When you are reading, how vividly can you imagine what you are reading? Did you know that may children have a difficult time envisioning what they read? This simple technique helps improve your ability to imagine as well as your child’s! Here is another example: when was the last time you started a project and could envision the final product with clarity in your mind’s eye before you started to implement what was needed to bring that project into reality? How easy was it for you to see it? The clearer the vision the more able we become in being successful!

Video #4 Montessori puzzles. I love these puzzles! Montessori breaks up the image into the parts of that particular animal or plant. This helps in language acquisition and in learning anatomy!

Video #5 Play Stands. I cannot stress enough about the importance of play for children. This is when they are learning to socialize: be kind, create boundaries, use their courage to engage with others. Research shows that higher cognitive thinking is happening while the children are at play! So often we want to focus on academic skills as if there is a ticking clock and we need to make sure we make good time! But if we just relax, we see that it is all possible through play. Play helps us step into the rhythm of the child instead of implementing our own agenda.

Video #6 Play Silks. Play silks are wonderful. They help to support imagination and play. So easily a silk becomes a house, a cape, a blankie for napping, green grass growing or the sunlight shining!

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