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Poor Humpty Dumpty… or Was It Good For Him?

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

All the kings horses and all the kings men

They couldn’t put Humpty together again

It is very sad that no one could help Mr. Dumpty, not even the King’s horses or his men! What was it that got shattered in Humpty? Could it have been his reputation, his ego? Have you ever considered that maybe Mr. Dumpty created the mess he finds himself in and only he can clean it up? We don’t know what Humpty did to fall off the wall, but by having to clean up his own mess, he is likely not to repeat it again… or so we hope!

This nursery rhyme can be used to help a very young child who is learning to clean up after herself. She may throw a fit. While she is having her fit, mom and dad have to help her learn how to control her emotions and one way is to reference Humpty Dumpty, the nursery rhyme she has heard a number of times.  She can then use this as a reminder that she has to pull herself together and only she can do this, just like Humpty.

This nursery rhyme can also be used to help the older child who may sometimes feel above her younger classmates. She has mastered more skills and feels quite confident and self-assured, just as Humpty is when sitting on his wall. This older child finds herself with a choice. She can use her skills to help and assist the younger children and remain high on the wall or she could fall by taking advantage of her position and reap the negative consequences of bad behavior. A mom and dad can help the older child make the right choice by gently reminding her of Humpty’s fall when bad behavior such as teasing younger children is observed.

Here are the puppet show and circle time to get you started!

Hope your week is full of giggles, tickles and fun!!

See you soon!

Mrs. Wood




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