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Sweet Porridge: A Taste of Courage

sweetporridge2It takes courage to speak up. Have you ever felt uncomfortable by another person’s actions and you didn’t say anything? You may have felt powerless and disappointed in how you were unable to speak up. In this fairy tale a little pot keeps making porridge, filling the whole town with it, until finally a little girl says, “Stop!” Fortunately life always gives us another opportunity to say something! Hopefully the next time we feel the need to use our words, we have the courage to do so!

This fairy tale is great for teaching children how important it is to use their words. Setting a boundary by simply saying “Stop!” is powerful. In the classroom this translates to a young child being able to tell another child to stop whatever it is that is making her feel uncomfortable, such as playing a game she does not want to play.  Listening is also an important skill that needs to be developed and the little pot listened very well. Helping children to listen to their friends is the flip side of this valuable coin!

Taking action when we find ourselves in a difficult situation is another hidden lesson. The hungry little girl did not weep or sulk in her room. She went out into the forest to see what she could find. The little girl was not a victim of her circumstance, she took initiative to try to find a solution.  Within every challenge, there lies an opportunity. By simply asking a child how she could help a particular situation, we are helping her practice this valuable skill of problem solving. 

Balance is yet another powerful lesson in this fairy tale. Balance can be a hard concept to teach. In this story the little girl goes from not having enough to having too much! The imagery of porridge filling the kitchen, the house, and the next house and then the whole town except for one house is very exciting! It illustrates “too much” very well! Sometimes our little ones have a hard time understanding when a certain behavior is too much. Wanting another cookie after having had a few or eating too many animal crackers are just a few examples of this. 

By making references to the different characters in the story, the child can obtain the hidden treasures within it. Waiting until an situation arises that pertains to one of the above lessons offers an opportunity to relate the lesson to the child’s life. 

Here is the puppet show you can learn and share with your little one! If you like it please subscribe to my youtube channel Mrs. Wood and share with your friends!!


Here is the movement circle you can do with your little one!

I hope you have a great week full of giggles, tickles and fun!

Mrs Wood


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