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Saved by Humpty’s Cracked Noggin!

seven white eggs
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“Humpty Dumpty” is packed with great stimulation for the vestibular system! The vestibular system feeds information to the brain about where the body is in space. This is really important when dealing with gravity! I will admit, I have walked into a few walls so this is great for me! The vestibular system also helps with the coordination between the head and the eyes. It comes in handy when reading, looking at a chalk board and throwing a ball! All this information is received from the movement of fluid in the inner ears! Pretty neat!

“Row, Row, Row Your Boat” also lends itself to great movements that get that fluid moving! So it’s great for your child’s vestibular and yours!!

In the video below I also teach how to counting “One.” Using our body to count is a great way to connect the brain and the body in learning. We count our one nose, our one mouth and then we hop one time! Getting as much movement in there as possible!! I hope you enjoy!

This video is best seen on a cell phone or iPad.

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