How we do Math!

We love to learn about numerals! We use imagination to make it fun and interesting. With the sandpaper numerals we like to tell a rhyme while we are learning the numerals. One, a big long thumb… two a funny shoe… four a silly door… so as to use the imagination, the tactile sense and the auditory. We will then gather an object of interest and count that object.

The older children love to use the large numerals and skip count by 10’s or hundreds even! The children create a tea shop, or build a food truck out of magnetic tiles and then they sell the items! You will see that in the above pictures! It is wonderful to expose the children to this while they are “playing” because research shows that higher levels of cognitive functioning is possible while children play. There is high interest and low stress!

One day a child came up with the idea of making an addition necklace! That was so fun! It was a big hit for the older children! Any object offers an opportunity to count, add or skip count! Your only limiting factor is your own ability to imagine!

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