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Relax with “Three Bags Full”

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I love “Baa, Baa, Black Sheep!” This movement circle puts a lot of pressure on the wrists, when the feet are being kicked up. This pressure on the joints helps with the proprioceptive system. Stimulating the proprioceptive nerves feeds information to the brain. It tells the brain where the body is in space. This permits the mind to stay better focused as it allows for the body to calm down and relax.

I chose this movement circle (video below) for a few reasons. Christina loves to say, “No!” She hasn’t quite found her, “Yes!” So I am helping her!! There are big head nods in this circle time to help encourage that,”Yes!”

There is also counting to three. Counting is new for her. As long as we keep it fun, put it in song, and have no pressure for being accurate, counting is good!

In this video (resolution is great for cell phone or iPad) I display how just watching is good for the child. She is learning and when she is ready she will join in.

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