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What Were Jack and Jill Really Up To?

A little child who ventures out of mommy’s arms often gets hurt! From crawling to the beginnings of standing and walking, falling goes hand in hand with exploring. That is why I love this nursery rhyme!  It tells our little child that you can get hurt while trying to master a new skill and that is ok. But there is more! When Jack and Jill were going up the hill, what were they really doing? What does it mean to “fetch a pail of water?”

We all get our inspiration, our good ideas, from somewhere. For me, I “fetch my pail of water” through meditation. For you, it could be through jogging, painting, gardening, praying. I can fill my pail with love, peace, joy, all sorts of delightful goodness!  But I could then find myself in a difficult situation,  where goodness is the farthest from my mind… and I fall! I make a mistake and I then need to get up and  “mend” the situation. Righting my wrong can be difficult, but it is important.

When in a classroom, there are many opportunities for the little ones to make amends, to right a wrong. They are all learning how to be in a community, how to have their needs met and meet the needs of their friends and this can be a bit difficult. But the time and attention given to mending relationships is crucial. Encouraging the child who made the mistake to bring a cup of water to the one she hurt is a good first step. To do all she can to help the friend feel better is important. Sometimes it means just sitting next to each other, other times it means a little pat on the back or a hug. But waiting until both are feeling better before they go off to play is key.

The Waldorf story time is invaluable. It subtly teach them important life lessons. The story seeps into the subconscious mind and it is there to help them, for when that special moment comes where the wisdom of it guides the child’s actions. It becomes an important teaching tool. It is not necessary to explain the meaning, slowly through repetition, the meaning will emerge and change with time. But, you can hint back to this story by simply using the word mend. If a child accidentally hurts another child, you could say, “Did you mend the situation?” In this way you aide in the lesson becoming a visceral knowing for a child.

Nursery Rhymes are magical, they can be interpreted in so many different ways! What are Jack and Jill whispering in your ear?!

Here is a puppet show video.


Here is a circle time video.


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Mrs. Wood

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