Bumble bee blown eggs!


Spring is here and what a fun time the children had making these bumble bees!

1. Makes large holes on each side of the egg- this makes it super easy! Wash clean.
2. Glue gun it onto a stick, this makes it easy to handle while painting..
3. Paint with liquid cement, dry.
4. Paint with yellow and sprinkle gold glitter onto the yellow while it is wet. Then dry.
5. Guide their pointer finger as it dips into the black paint and then makes dots that create a strip on the bottom of the egg and then the one above. Add googly eyes onto the wet black paint… Helps to adhere them on an uneven surface… Dry
6. Use pipe cleaners folded in half and curved into a spiral and placed in the top hole.
7. Use tissue paper and gather it in the center with string to make wings… Glue gun to the back of the egg… Add a button with glue gun.


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