Fun Circle Time Activities!

Parts of the Plant

Curl up, curl up, we are all little baby seeds!
The rain is pouring! (I slap my lap, making raindrop sounds)
The seeds plump up after soaking up the rain! (The children plump up their cheeks)
Slowly they grow a tap root!(The children extend their legs)
Slowly they begin to sprout another that goes towards the sun,(The children put their hands in prayer position, and raise them up slowly over their heads)
And it breaks through the soil and feels the sunshine!
It grows a stem, (their bodies stand straight)
a leaf (their leg bends and they rest their foot on their knee)
and soon a bud blooms into a beautiful flower! (Their hands are open under their chin and their faces are smiling)
Wiggle your toes everyone, those are your roots!
Your sturdy, strong body is the stem!
Your leg is a leaf! Make a leaf again!
Your face a beautiful blossom!
Yeah! We just learned the parts of the plant!!

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