Fun Circle Time Activities!

A Fun Indoor Game as we learn about the Sloth!!!

Hanging in the great big kapok tree are sloths who are peacefully sleeping. 

They sleep all day, and all night too. 

They only wake up to eat a bite or two.

Then off they go to sleep again,

resting on the branches of the kapok tree. 

Do you know why they sit and sleep all day? 

Because when they are as still as can be, 

the hungry jaguar doesn’t see them!! 

The green moss growing on them helps them blend into the green of the trees!

So they are as safe as can be! 

Oh, no! Here comes a hungry jaguar who’s looking for something to eat!

Sleep, sloths, sleep! Sit as still as can be! 

(I get to be the jaguar and I begin to purr like a great big cat!) I tap a child on the shoulder and now they get to be the jaguar! 

Sleep, sloths, sleep! Sit as still as can be!!

The child begins to purr and taps another on the shoulder, who then becomes the jaguar and the other turns back into a sloth!

An indoor (almost) silent and still circle time game of tag!!! 

The kids love it!

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