Ah-ha Moment

Celebrate all things big and small!!

These little guys are learning so much. Tasks that we find simple and quick are great milestones of accomplishment! I love to announce an accomplishment each child has made by announcing their name and giving a great cheer!I never exclude any child!

I found that this also helps their opinion of each other! For instance: let’s say Susie has been throwing a tantrum, she has stopped and has now begun to go about her day. This is a great golden opportunity to celebrate and give a good cheer! Some children may be feeling frustrated and bothered by Susie’s tantrum and are not wanting to play with her outside. They have begun to not like her. By giving the cheer, they now take on this new perspective: we are all learning, and Susie did a great job! She overcame her frustration and has accepted whatever caused her tantrum and the children will now embrace this child and celebrate and during outdoor play, she won’t be ostracized!

The golden nugget of truth is this: children take on the adult’s opinion/attitude about everything! We can use this to our advantage by having a positive attitude about everything life has to offer, including tantrums!!

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